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MOTIVA Training delivers training courses to interested parties at pre-arranged public locations.  These courses are public offerings and anyone may attend.  Course materials are primarily directed at laboratories to motivate the implementation of best practice in the use of laboratory QMS tools. 

This training uses MOTIVA Training materials and is based on the MOTIVA Learning Model for adult education.

Course descriptions are located from the menu bar to the right of this page.

Contracted Training Services

MOTIVA Training delivers training courses to accredited laboratories on behalf of ILAC-recognised accreditation bodies.  Training delivered can be:

  • that developed by the accreditation body on a topic within the scope of expertise of MOTIVA Training staff, or
  • one of the MOTIVA Training course offerings shown in the menu bar at the right and re-branded with the look and feel of the accreditaion body.  

Assessment ServicesAssessment Services

MOTIVA Training staff represent a number of ILAC-recognised accrreditation bodies in the delivery of assessments to accredited and applicant laboratories for the purpose of the accrediation of the laboratories.  Assessments are delivered in accordance with the procedures in use of the ILAC-recognised accreditation body. 

MOTIVA staff undertaking assessments for any accreditation body must be sufficiently trained in those procedures to protect the integrity and credibility of the accreditation program.  Any decision on the use of MOTIVA staff for assessment work is entirely at the discretion of the accreditation body.
MOTIVA staff are best used to conduct the more difficult assessments.  MOTIVA staff have an international reputation for undertaking such work to the success of either an accreditation program or an MRA peer body evaluation.  MOTIVA staff are best used in acquiring consensus on conformance to difficult requirements.

Consulting Services

MOTIVA Training provides specific consulting services to laboratories, ILAC-recognised accreditation bodies, and Regulatory Authorities subjects associated with:

  • laboratory QMS issues
  • accreditation program issues
  • evaluation of accreditation programs

MOTIVA Training provides internal audit services for laboratories seeking in-depth understanding of the performance of their quality system and its conformance to accreditation requirements. 

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