Motiva Training - Edgar Ned Gravel ISO 17025 Expert

MOTIVA has an online capability to provide participants with more flexibility in their method of accessing training materials. Once registered, participants will have access to the online training site for as long as they need to complete their training.  

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Our online training facilities currently include the following courses.  Click on any of the courses below to go to that E-Learning or In-Class description.  Both versions use the same materials.

Online Version In-Class Version
Understanding ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Understanding ISO/IEC 17025:2017
Root Cause Analysis Course Root Cause Analysis Course


If a desired training does not appear to be available from the information provided on our site, please contact us. If we don't think we can develop and deliver what you need because it is beyond our scope of practice, we probably know someone who can help you.

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Download a short sample of the online Understanding 17025 Course Here 

Download a short sample of the online Root Cause Course Here

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MOTIVA has published a free set of webinars, with more to come, on common topics associated with laboratory accreditation.  There are a broad range of subjects covered and they apply to all laboratories seeking accreditation from an ILAC-recognised accreditation body.