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Motivate Acceptance of Best Practice

ChecklistKnowledge is Power. Know your system to be better prepared for your next exernal assessment, audit or evaluation. Going through the steps of a user-friendly, process-based internal audit will provide your staff with the best tools and information on what works and what may not be as useful.

Access and utilize the talents and skills of an internationally-recognised laboratory assessor, an accreditation body lead evaluator, and an author of ISO/IEC 17025.

Happy StaffMotivate Acceptance of the lab QMS

MOTIVA can conduct the audit and deliver the report on-site.

  • Within the time frame of the audit, just like an assessment for accreditation.
  • Leaving the organisation with a full and comprehensive picture of the operation of their conformant quality system.
  • Staff will enjoy the exchange of ideas and appreciate the real learning of such an experience.


How long does it take?


The time required to conduct an internal audit is affected by three typical variables. They are in addition to one day allocated for all of the QMS review, report writing and meetings.

  • Complexity of operations (scope of accreditation or recognition). For most conformity assessment bodies (CABs = labs, inspection bodies or certification bodies), that means a half day for less than 10 listings. Full day for more.
  • Number of staff. Half day for less than 10 people. Full day for more.
  • For an accreditation body, it will always require three days to review the processes involved.
  • Physical size of the CAB. Half day for one building/floor. Full day for more.

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