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About Ned Gravel

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2011 APLAC Training CourseNed Gravel is a facilitator of cultural change within laboratories and accreditation bodies. He understands best practice in QMS and voluntary conformity assessment. Within the international accreditation community, he is respected for his knowledge and the credibility of his work in the recognition programs that define accreditation body MLAs and MRAs. Ned is a certified lead assessor within one of the Exemplar Global assessor certification programs he helped create. He is a certified association executive (Canadian Society for Association Executives). Besides laboratory quality system training, laboratory assessor training, and international peer evaluator training within APLAC and IAAC, Ned also spent three years as the ILAC liaison delegate to ISO/TC 176 and understands the challenges of management system certification. Here, Ned is surrounded by the graduates of his ISO/IEC 17011 course for new staff of APLAC member accreditation bodies.

Lead Evaluator Certificate

Ned is a licensed engineer, his background also includes the command of operational military organisations in specific technical fields and the civilian management of international technical businesses.

Business experience includes management and marketing of national laboratory accreditation programs, management of laboratories, facilitated training, and the negotiation of international agreements in support of trade. Ned was Canada's delegate to the ISO/CASCO committee for the creation and amendment of ISO/IEC 17025. Here, Ned receives his certificate of recognition as an APLAC Lead Evaluator from Mr. Terrence Chan, APLAC Chair, 2005 - 2011.

APLAC IAAC Evaluator TrainingFrom 2001 to 2010, Ned delivered the most comprehensive laboratory training program offered by any of the North American ILAC-recognised accreditation bodies. Ned is the author of "Ned's Rules of Engagement" and "The Principles behind ISO/IEC 17025." Here he is shown with the graduates of his APLAC/IAAC Evaluator Training Course.

Ned's most desired opportunity is to motivate dispirited teams of people to attain difficult objectives under impossible circumstances - starting with believing in themselves. Ned is a leader who reaches people.


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