Motiva Training - Edgar Ned Gravel ISO 17025 Expert
MOTIVA Training delivers training courses to regulatory agencies and accreditation bodies at pre-arranged public locations.  Course materials are primarily directed at regulatory authorities seeking:
  • to implement their own laboratory accreditation programs that conform to ISO/IEC 17011, or
  • to develop specific requirements that can be delivered by ILAC signatory accreditation bodies  within existing programs.

This training uses MOTIVA Training materials and is based on the MOTIVA Learning Model for adult education.

Course descriptions are located from the menu bar to the left of this page. 

17011 Training Regulatory Agencies and Accreditation Bodies

17011 Training Government Regulations

Training material delivered is either:

  • developed by the regulator/accreditation body on a topic within the scope of expertise of MOTIVA Training staff, or
  • developed by MOTIVA Training such as one of the MOTIVA Training course offerings re-branded with the look and feel of the regulator/accreditation body.

See our Course Logistics Standard Here. MOTIVA Training meets the approaches described in the MOTIVA Learning Model. Adult learning is best accomplished when the environment promotes learning.

To appreciate the impact of MOTIVA In-Class Training, read the feedback from all previous participants by clicking on the Training Feedback link in the menu on the left.