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Leadership crosswordLeadership is a particular passion of MOTIVA's Principal, Ned Gravel.  It is part of the reason for the name of our company. 

Organisational leaders have the single greatest influence on the overall success of their groups and their businesses.  They set the tone for accountability, responsibility, authority, inter-personal support and the ability of team members to respond to change.  If they are good, they will seek none of the credit for the success of their teams, but they will accept all the blame for when things go wrong.

And that is as it should be. Leadership is an emotional risk and it requires Emotional Intelligence.

Leadership is only about what we owe and to whom we owe it.  People are the most important consideration in the exercise of leadership.  Motivation is the second. This approach is best described as "Servant Leadership" and is based on the body of knowledge initiated by Robert Greenleaf.

Some visitors to our website will appreciate and understand all of this.  Some will have some difficulty with it.  To the latter, I offer the following litmus test:

Find those folks who can motivate dispirited teams of people to attain difficult objectives under impossible circumstances and watch carefully how they make this happen. Learn from them. If they work in your company - support them.  They are your real leaders.

For all visitors to our website who wish to learn a bit more about real leadership skills, please read Ned's Rules of Engagement.

MOTIVA Laboratory Leadership Course Description

Identify the leader hereLaboratories succeed when their people succeed. Good leaders can motivate dispirited teams of people to accomplish difficult things under impossible circumstances.

Learn what your team really needs from you in order to succeed. Learn how to deliver it and help create success in your lab.

This one-day Training Course examines approaches that allow leaders to create success in their own organizations. It contains easy-to-understand approaches based on personal experience. It focuses on the leadership of laboratories.

Can you identify the actual leader in the photo on the right?

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