Motiva Training - Edgar Ned Gravel ISO 17025 Expert

".... Because I Fly, I envy no man on earth." — Grover C. Norwood

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This page is about our ability (privilege) to fly and maintain a solid and stable, medium-range aircraft.

Ned Gravel is a licensed private pilot with an instrument rating and over 800 hours of flying time. He can fly in all weather conditions except in icing or thunderstorms.  He owns and flies a 1965 Mooney M20E.  This aircraft is meticulously maintained by an authorized Mooney Service Center (Tri-City Aero) and allows Ned to travel to all cities in Central and Eastern Canada and the US Central and Eastern states (within four hours of home) without using an airline.

Mooney M20E near hangar

Normal Business Travel

See the map below. Destinations beyond four hours of "Mooney" flying time (the red circle) normally require an airline ticket because that is the break-even point between the cost of general aviation fuel and an airline ticket.  Click on the map to see which cities are within this ring.

Overall, the Mooney is a very enjoyable way for us to Reach People.

Mooney M20E in flight - C-FSWR

Flying is best experienced when shared.

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Range of Mooney C-FSWR


I own a Mooney, so I can travel.

Oshkosh and EAA Airventure

The Mooney Caravan gathers Mooney aircraft from Canada and the USA to fly in formation from Madison to Oshkosh Wisconsin at the beginning of the annual Airventure. Below is an example of this annual sojourn.  

In the video that is behind the photo, you can see our three ship element landing in Oshkosh together on the two runways in used that year.

Click on the photo below to see a 20-second video of the landing for our 2015 flight.Mooneys on Approach to Oshkosh Runway

Have Mooney Aircraft - Will Travel