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CompetencePractice the conduct of technical assessments for competence of applicant and accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) within an ILAC-recognized accreditation body. Use international approaches and techniques. Practice the required skills.

This practical course makes use of common assessment forms to practice assessors in the delivery of conformant ILAC-recognised assessments. The course contains extensive reference to international interpretation and implementation guidance documents which are used by accreditation bodies around the world.

A willing CAB is required to allow participants to actually practice their skills. The only difference between a real assessment and a mock assessment is the application form.  For a mock assessment, the CAB is not really applying for anything.

This 2-day Mock Assessment and Assessment Practicum is offered only through ILAC-recognized accreditation bodies and it contains the internationally recognized approaches to conducting conformant assessments of competence. The techniques learned promote the interpersonal skills needed to conduct successful technical assessments. All participants will be cycled through 6 exercises, to practice their technical assessment technique.  All participants will also practice one assessment of QMS disciplines.  

Applicants should already be trained as assessors in the accreditation body sponsoring the course and should be considered experts in the conformity assessment disciplines being assessed.  Graduates are better prepared to act as technical assessors in the sponsoring accreditation body and represent that accreditation body in the examination of the following disciplines at applicant and accredited CABs:

  • Laboratory tests and calibrations,
  • Inspections,
  • Certification of products,
  • Proficiency testing services
  • Reference materias.







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